Paso número 1: van a practicar usando el método científico usando esta actividad en español. El documento es en formato de Microsoft Word 2008, pues pueden entrar datos en forma electrónico y imprimirlo al fin o pueden imprimirlo primero y escribir los datos a mano.

Paso número 2: van a seguir aprendiendo sobre el uso del método científico usando unas actividades en inglés producidas por Dan Tripp (pero modificadas un poquito).

Step 1: Take the pre-test on observations to see what you already know about the scientific method.

Step 2: Complete the Scientific Method Worksheet using the Scientific Method Home Page.

A few notes about the worksheet and website:
a) In the first section, observations, there is no video; for the question about inferences, use information from the website text and the podcast.
b) When the page for a new section is first opened, the podcast may not be immediately available- it takes a little while to load. The videos will probably be the last part to load completely.

Step 3: Pick 1 partner, and complete the Virtual Science Experiment together.

My modified lab sheet:

Virtual pendulum:

Step 4: Use the Science Experiment Guide to design and conduct your own science experiment. (Your teacher will decide if this should be done in-school or out of school, and by yourself or with a partner. Please remember that your teacher has the final say.)

Step 5: Create a Digital Storytelling PowerPoint presentation to present your science experiment. Here is a sample project:

The evaluation document for steps 4 and 5 can be found at: